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William Lindsay, Jr.
Born: 1821 in Carter Co., TN
Death: September 14, 1887 in Campbell Co., TN
Burial: Coopers View Babtist Church in Campbell Co., TN
       William moved to Campbell Co., TN, when he was a small boy. At a church meeting  held in home, June 1842, William Jr. and his wife joined Indian Creek Babtist Church. William was licensed to preach soon after he became a member.  In September 1850 William Lindsay was ordained in the ministry by Indian Creek Church.The Presbytery consisted of elders, Alfred Agee and Levi Adkins.In December 1850 William Lindsay and others held a revival at Longfield School house. The revival was successful,and William recieved a call from Clear Branch Church to become its pastor and he accepted the call in Jan. 1851. Indian Creek also called for William as pastor, he accepted the pastorate ther in July 1851. For several years William was pastor at both churches at the same time. William servedas pastor of Longfield Babtist Church for more than thirty- four years.

            William lindsay, Sr.
            Mary Storm

              Mahulda Cooper
              Death: 1886 In Campbell Co., TN
              Burial: Cooper's View Cemetery in Campbell Co., TN

                         John Cooper - A veteran of the War of 1812

              Matthew Lindsay   
              Mary Lindsay  
              John Lindsay, 1845 - 1845 / 1846
              Jonathan Lindsay, 1846
              William Lindsay, Jr.  
              Margaret Lindsay    
             Cornelius Lindsay  
             Archibald W. Lindsay  
             Isaac Thomas Lindsay  
             Catherine Lindsay, died as an infant
            Joseph C. Lindsay, 1864 -